A Lounge Made of Ice

Lounge made of ice seems to be a new concept in the strip club world but it is becoming very popular in other places as well. The lounge is a great place to enjoy the Strip and a great way to spend a Saturday evening. Here are some ideas for you to consider when putting together your own version of the ice bars.

First, you will need to purchase an ice raft and create your own theme. You can find these at a local theme park or rent one from a swimming pool service. You can use them for all four walls or use only one or two depending on the size of the parka or swimsuit you select. You can also use these as a centerpiece to the four walls of your bar. To get the hang of using these sculptures you can rent a kit from your local sporting goods store. There are a couple of things you need to be aware of before setting out on this adventure.

This will be your main attraction, so make sure that you know how to set the bar up before you begin pouring drinks. A full bar is required to accommodate the drinks that will be poured and chilled. This is especially important because you will have many more guests than just the ladies. You will need at least two bar stools and a cocktail table. You may want to invest in an umbrella to provide shade from the hot sun during the summer months.

In order to set up the lounge made of ice that you will be serving drinks to, first select a location in the park where there are no benches or tables. This will prevent the spread of the cold when you are pouring the drinks. The next thing you will want to do is create four-star quality decorations. A four-star restaurant will be out of your price range every night so choose something in another category. These decorations may be purchased in a department store or from a home improvement store.

After you have your decorations created, it is time to purchase some ice sculptures for the bar. There are many different styles and themes of the ice sculptures at your disposal. Many people prefer to use large cowboy style figures and others prefer the smaller, petite figures. Both styles can be used successfully if they are placed in locations that will provide cover for sitting and dancing while waiting for your guests to arrive. Once you have finished decorating the lounge area, it is time to purchase your supplies for serving the drinks and snacks. You can click here for details on how to set up this fun area.

When buying your drinks and snacks, you will also need an ice cooler dispenser. This is the perfect addition to any tourist attraction or hotel bar. They are portable and can be used to store your drinks while the guest of honor arrives at the last minute. Check out more content related to this article here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Restaurant.

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